About Jivanji Law

  • Quality Legal Representation
  • Superior Client Service
  • Cost- effective solutions

Jivanji Law is a law firm that specializes in top quality legal services that are customized to each client’s particular needs and circumstances. Each client is different and is treated with their unique situation in mind. What is common is that all clients are given the respect and consideration that they deserve.

Our Clients Come First

At Jivanji Law, we believe that clients should be empowered to understand all their options and make knowledge-based decisions. We educate our clients first and then work together to find the right solutions for them.

Tasneem Jivanji

Tasneem Jivanji is a fully licenced & accredited lawyer with over 12 years of experience in negotiation, strategic business planning, and devoted client service. Ms. Jivanji’s career spans the large law firms on Bay Street and the in-house legal teams at a leading national telecommunications company. She now brings her experience and expertise to her own legal practice with a commitment to excellence, integrity, and service.